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Founded in 2009 by Paul and Erica, it was a place to get our geek on.  Starting with simple reviews of toys & figs, as well as some Xbox 360 games.

The team grew, as did the mission, from a basement in Burnaby.  With so much content, we added editors, and then with the site going daily we looked to give back to the community.  Thanks to Laird in the beginning, we were able to reach out to developers, producers, community managers and more, bringing in products to have signed and auctioned.  The charity of our choice was and is Childs Play.  With support from the team at PAX our mission became clear.. connect the community and give back. 

 The next chapter brought in a few more partners, and with the support of Luke, we became a publishing company for 2 different books, along with various merchandise in the form of T-shirts, buttons and more.  A year after that Jose and his team joined and GGM stepped into convention coverage and podcasts.  Then in 2012, Good Game Media split... and shut down.

2017 conversations started... and by January 2018 a new office, studio, logo and crew are blowing the dust off of Good Game Media, and are back to build the community.


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